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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Soya milk hotpot with LaMian

I have been craving for soya bean milk for sometime. It should be something that is so basic in Asia, and yet fresh soya milk is hard to come by. Pre-packaged calcium fortified milk tastes weird and so I have resorted to making it myself. Literally milked the goodness out of the beans and made some lip smacking soup to go along with the la-mian.

Soy milk hot pot originally goes with rice. But, why stick to the tried and usual route. You never know what you will discover along the way.

For 3 persons :

Soy milk :
2 cups of soy milk, soaked overnight.
1 packet bonito flakes
seaweed, palmsized when dehydrated
Shoyu ( light sauce ) to taste

Hot pot ingredients :
Sliced pork ( enough for 3 )
Assorted mushroom
Tofu, cubed ( optional )
Yuba ( for extra creaminess ).

La-mian (100g per person )
Green bok choi

Method :
Prepare soy milk soup base. Microwave soaked beans for 5 minutes ( to remove beany smell ) and drain off water.
Ladle beans into processor and add sufficient water for 3 persons. Do this in portions to prevent overload and spills.
Sieve soy milk
Place bonito flakes, seaweed into a bag. Together with soy milk heat gently to near boiling.
Gently put sliced pork,tofu,mushroom into soup and let ingredients cook.
Note : pork must be thoroughly cooked.

Prepare 3 serving bowls with only milk soup.

In a separate pot of boiling water, cook noodles until loosen and al-dente. Add greens and remove from heat.

Transfer noodles/vegetable gently into serving bowls with milk soup.
Top with remaining ingredients from milk pot.
Garnish with a dash of sesame oil and bonito flakes.

The end result should taste of soya milk freshness and light on the palate.

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