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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Poached apple and ham sandwich

The original idea was supposed to be poached pear but since there are apples lurking in the deep dark recesses of the fridge, I might as well check out if apples pair well with ham. I have never poached anything because I think it's totally unnecessary. Boy! Was I very wrong. Poaching in my case enhanced the fruitiness of the apple and with correct timing, retains the bite as well.

For 3.

Ingredients :
Poaching ingredients :
Same portion of cider, sugar,water ( about 1 cup )
1 star anise, 2 cloves, a handful of cranberries, 1 cinnamon stick

Other ingredients :
2 red apples, cored, sliced into 12 thick slices
Thick cheddar slices, 6 slices
6 slices of honey baked ham
6 slices of thick bread
6 teaspoon of honey mustard

Simmer poaching ingredients for 10 minutes and introduce apples into hot poaching liquid, for 2 minutes before turning off heat. Leave pot with apples and liquid to cool completely.
Drain apples just before assembling the sandwich.

Spread 1 t of mustard on one side of the bread
Lay cheese on mustard smeared side and grill both sides of bread until cheese is bubbly
Place ham and then apples on hot cheese.
Repeat for the remaining 5 slices of bread.
Makes 3 sets of sandwiches.

You should end up with a sandwich of this layer combination :
Bread,mustard,cheese,ham,apple,ham,cheese,mustard, bread

Serve hot and on a mini rack to prevent condensation at the bottom sandwich surface.


  1. You have got an interesting range of recipes :) Oh, you CAN cook! Was browsing through your blog and some of your dishes look really awesome. Cheers!