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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rice cooker radish steamed cake

What can I do with my new shiny rice cooker besides cooking rice? After all, most of my rice meals are cooked with my microwave so my newest kitchen gadget is quite unused these days. With Chinese new year round the corner and resources in the kitchen stretched to the max, I decided to deploy the rice cooker for this important task of steaming the auspicious dish. It wasn't as tacky as I imagined, so here's what I have ended up with :

For 8 persons :

3 C rice flour
2cl water
1/3 C dried shrimps
1 C shredded radish
1/2 C dried mushroom slivers
1/2 C shallots
Chinese sausage , thinly sliced ( optional )

Fry shallots in hot oil. Add shrimps, sausages and radish, until fragrant and radish is soft. Add salt and pepper to taste. Turn off heat.

Transfer mixture in a well oiled bowl that is small enough to be placed in the rice cooker .Place a silicon sheet to cover the mixture .

Prepare the rice cooker with water enough to steam for 20 minutes. The radish cake is ready when the surface is firm to touch.

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