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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chinese style meat pie

This is the most unusual food blog I have ever recorded. What I am about to say is this : this pie is a  failure because it is unlike any of the pie that I have ever eaten .

I have bought a cook book from Page One some weeks back with various recipes for Dim Sum. All raring to go, I happily  plunged into the mission of making one of my favourite pork pie.

The curious thing is : the proportions do not add up, method vague, missing amount of ingredients and I suspect, wrong information. After this kitchen disaster, I wonder how to go about doing the rest of the recipes that require 5000g of flour for making pies in the home kitchen. My grief is unspeakable. $15 down the drain just like that.

Worst of all, when I tried to email the publisher about my grief using the email provided on the book, the mailer daemon announced the email address is non existent.

The only bit left of my blotched project is some photos of the pie that looked like it but gave me 1 day of indigestion, most likely due to wrong kind of flour used for the pie.

It was a very sad dinner.

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