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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Plum sauce pork rib

As the oven is used for other tasks for the evening, I have to resort to the stove for the 'baking' of the ribs. Sounds tacky but it turns out surprisingly easy. As the preparation and cooking are all done in the same cookware, the washing is minimized greatly. It greatly helps to have the pot cover in place throughout as I can toss the ribs without even using a pair of tongs. What more, without the oven to clean, I have almost nothing to complain about.

Serves 3.

9 pork ribs ( about 500g )
1 cup plum sauce / charsiew sauce
2 cloves garlic , sliced to thin slivers
2 tablespoon wine

Blanch ribs in boiling water and drain. Retain ribs in pot.
Add plum sauce, wine and garlic to ribs, cover pot and toss to coat ribs.
Marinate ribs in the mix for 2 hours.

Using the same pot, add 1 tablespoon of oil and simmer contents on med power, covered.
Toss ribs every 10-15 minutes while sauce bubbles away.
Remove pot cover the last 15 minutes, letting ribs simmer in marinade till liquid is reduced and pork ribs appears slightly charred and glazed.

Do this for 1 hour.

Retrieve ribs and serve. Reserve glaze separately.

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