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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Meatless Portobello burger

Hubby raved about this fantastic Portobello mushroom burger he had in New York. In fact, he reported his delicious find through Skype , live from NYC. This surely is BIG Find to someone who pout when his meal is meatless.

I wasn't there when he sank his teeth in the juicy fungus-burger but I can imagine the meaty earthy mushroom juice dripping between layers of melted cheese sandwiched by burger buns. Can't just let him have the palatial euphoria, can I?

So, in the soonest time, I re-created this little vegetarian burger to console myself for not being there. In a heated pan, with some heated olive oil, sear the mushrooms until 'wilted' and juices dried up. Remove and sear peppers using the same pan.

Assemble toasted bread,cheese,mushroom,peppers,mushroom,cheese and bread in this order. This is free-style, so choose your own bread, colors of peppers ( or maybe rocket leaves ) and cheese. For my assembly, I used cheddar cheese, yellow and red peppers and soy-bread. Waterproof the bread with a thin layer of butter if so wished.

Everyone greeted the creation with approval but to see how close I am to the real thing, I think I will get hubby to bring me there and check it out for myself.

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