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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wafuu vegetarian pasta with furikake confetti

This was another wafuu pasta dish. With linguine as the base, it was an ensemble of   soy bean based ingredients : soy veggie balls, fresh soy beans and wasabi nori furikake as garnish.

For a nice Japanese touch, I boiled the pasta in water laced with a tiny bit of bonito. finally, I tried to give it a  strong tasting base ,by adding sundried tomato to the  edamame mix. This is optional and on hind sight, may not be the best match with the rest of the condiments.

The dish ended up in  several shades of luscious green ( dark green nori, bright green soy beans and brownish green soy balls ) and textures ranged from crunchy ( from the soy beans ) to meaty ( for the soy balls ).

Given another chance, I would forgo the salty  sundried tomato and replaced it with small amounts of pickled Japanese daikon, for tartness and color.

For 2.

Main ingredients :
1/2 cup garlic, sliced
2 sundried tomato, cut to small pieces
 8 vegetarian soy balls, grilled
1 cup edamame soy beans
2 T olive oil

Garnish :
Furikake, wasabi and nori flavor

Pasta :
140g pastsa
Some bonito flakes

To prepare the pasta :
Bring a pot of water, plus 1 tablespoon of salt, to the boil. Just before cooking the pasta, add a pinch bonito flakes.

Cook pasta according to instructions, plus an extra minute. The pasta iss suitably Wafuu when  cooked slightly beyond al dente.

Meanwhile, in a pot, heat oil and saute garlic until the garlic pieces is almost brown but not burnt.

Add vegetarian balls  and fry until browned.

Add sundried tomato, soy beans and toss. Set aside.

Drain pasta, retaining 2 tablespoons of water. Transfer pasta into the pot with the cooked ingredients.

Toss well so that every strand of pasta is coated with garlic and the oil of sundried tomato.

To serve, garnish with furikake.
Wafuu vegetarian pasta with furikake confetti

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