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Monday, October 10, 2011

Matcha bun with Aduki bean filling

This bun felt like a 'been there done that' kind of bun. Yet when my girl decided to 'hoard' all the buns for breakfast, I knew this was different from  previous  buns.

It probably had to do with the Daiso Aduki Bean ( 200g , made in Japan). The bean paste was not creamy smooth, but has pockets of aduki skins among the  cream.  It provided texture and interest with every bite.

My favorite part is that its sweetness is tweaked towards the Singaporean palate and is a perfect marriage  with the mildly bitter matcha bun.  The addition of xanthum also made the task of forming aduki balls  a breeze, without leaving a sticky mess on  the hands.

At a convenient size of 200g, I managed to use up everything for just 10 buns.

Girl2 has almost outgrown her Japanese bun craze but this little gem has reminded her how much she still loves matcha and aduki.

Makes 10 buns.

Preparing water roux or tang zhong :

Mix 20g bread flour in 100g water ( 5 parts water : 1 part flour ) till it reaches 65C. Alternatively, keep stirring the flour liquid until it thickens, forming 'lines' or ridges when stirred with a whisk.
Remove from heat . Cover roux to prevent a skin from forming.
Cool to room temperature for further use.

(A) 210g bread flour / 56g plain flour /40g powdered sugar / 1/4 teaspoon salt / 11g instant yeast or 1 satchet
(B) 1 small egg beaten / 85g water / 84g water roux
(C) 30g butter,melted

Filling :
Daiso aduki bean paste , 200g ( Made in Japan pack ), divided to 10 portions

Method :
Put A,B and C in the bread machine. Set to dough function. Retrieve dough after 40 mins.

Divide the dough into 10 portions using a pastry cutter. Flour work surface to make kneading manageable. Divide to 10 portions. Make 10 small balls and rest the dough for 10 minutes.

Flatten the dough with the palm. Place 1 portion  of red bean paste in the middle of the dough. Seal the bun, sealed side down on baking tray .

Proof for 40 minutes.

Mist the dome of the bun and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Preheat oven to 180C

Just before baking, mist spray buns again.

Bake for 18 mins.


  1. omg daiso actually sells adzuki bean paste as well? did you get it locally or in Japan? Mind telling me the full name of the paste or a picture of it! I'm interested in getting it after your lovely picture of the innards of your bun!

  2. The adzuki paste is bought from the Daiso store at IMM. Daiso carries 2 types of paste : 200g Made in Japan and 350g Made in China.

    I bought the smaller pack that is Made in Japan.

    I don't have the pics but the pack has a picture of mochi slathered with the adzuki. Hope it helps.

  3. ooh thanks so much! IMM is really near my place so I'm definitely heading there to get it :D

  4. My pleasure. I am eagerly waiting for your adzuki bun.