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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kuih talam talam

There was a sudden mood for something peranakan and the attractive pink and white layers was so irresistable I had to bake it after spotting it at janechew's blog.  I loved the subtle taste of coconut cream that I ate a quarter of a tray, all by myself. This was a most dangerous thing to do, considering that more delectable snacks  were out there waiting for me in the festive  season.

The popularity of the kuih became evident when a group of friends who normally went for savouries consumed almost an entire tray, most going for seconds.  The steps may look lengthy but are deceptively simple. Definitely a good kuih experiment  for nonya baking  newbies.

Credits : Recipe from, originally from  Homekreation

Makes two 4x4x2 inch trays

Bottom Layer
90g rice flour
1/2 tbsp green bean flour
50g  sugar
225ml water
50g cooked red beans
120ml coconut milk 
pinch of salt

Top Layer:
75g plain flour
100g  sugar
2  eggs
125ml coconut milk
250ml water
pinch of salt
1/4 tsp red food dye


Bottom Layer:

Set aside cooked  red bean, drained.
Combine all ingredients  for the bottom layer except red bean . Strain into a pot.
Add  red bean  and cook over low heat, stirring slowly  until it just thickens slightly to coat the sides of the pot.
Pour into two 4x4x2 inch trays and steam on low heat for 20 minutes. It ensures a smooth surface.

Top Layer:
Combine all ingredients  for top layer and cook over low heat. Stir  until mixture thickens slightly to coat the sides of the pot. Remove pot from heat  immediately to prevent overcooking.
Pour batter over ready bottom layer. Steam on  low heat for 20 minutes or until the kuih is set.
Remove the steamer cover and steam for another 10 minutes to dry up the surface.
I used kitchen towels to mop surplus condensed liquid prior to doing this.
Cool the kuih completely before cutting.

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