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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ramen style soft boiled egg

Some part soft, some part bouncy.

No ramen is complete without the egg

Ramen is not complete without its soft boiled egg, regardless of all other accompanying ingredient. It is a challenge to make because the perfect egg is supposed to have a slightly runny yolk with a bouncy white. The temperature of eggs, heat capacity of the boiling medium are factors which are difficult to control to yield the perfect hanjuku tamago.

The Straits Times lifestyle section recently ran a feature on the Hanjuku Tamago and I took it as a sign to try it for myself. It was a lot of fanfare just for 2 eggs that day – I have hurt my dominant left hand and therefore had to delegate the delicate task to hubby. He did a better job than I would have done anytime – the peeled egg was perfect and without blemish.

6 minutes is perfect timing for a 45g egg, with an additional soak of 2 minutes  in a warm shoyu bath.  If a runny core is not your favorite, try 7-8 minutes for a slightly firmer core.

Ingredients :

2 eggs, cold
shoyu bath ( any braising liquid from your favorite recipe )
ice bath

Method :
Bring a pot of water ( sufficient to cover the eggs ) to a rolling boil.

Using a slotted spoon, transfer the cold eggs directly from the fridge to the boiling water.

Adjust the heat until the water just simmers for 6 minutes.

Transfer the egg to an ice bath, 3 minutes.
Gently peel off the shell.

Coat the egg in shoyu based braise liquid for 1 – 2 minutes.

Cool the egg before cutting it.


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