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Thursday, June 25, 2015

‘Salted’ Rice

A whatever dish but the taste is anything but whatever

My mum never liked cooking much. She neither had the interest nor the energy for it. One day after a visit to a relative, she drew inspiration from her and made this one pot dish, which was well received by us. It became a go-to dish for a while until we got sick of it.

While making this dish, I recalled those days which were tough on her. As a sickly stay-at-home mum handling 3 rascals and who was always short of money, life was always a challenge.  If only I can wind back the clock, I would thank her for toiling without expecting any returns.

For 3.

1 cup of pork, cubed
1 cup of fresh corn nibblets
3 cups of cabbage, broken to bite size
Cooked overnight rice for 3
scant amount of soya sauce , sesame oil

Method :

Heat 1 tbsp of oil. Fry the pork until there is no moisture.
Add corn and cabbage. Stir well.
Add the rice and soya sauce.
Stir with a pair of chopstick to thoroughly cook the contents.
Add sesame oil. Toss.
Serve very hot.


  1. This simple fried rice is very appealing. I was very touched what you wrote about your mum. I must show my mum more appreciation whenever I can.

  2. Left my comment earlier using my phone but guess it didnt went thru...
    Just want to say I love reading your posts. I was all teary as I wish I could turn back the clock I can only show my appreciations to my mum in other forms, still not too late :)

  3. Phong Hong, Happy Homebaker,
    Thank you for your support. We are all blessed with wonderful mothers who will go all out for us. Let's make it mother's day every day :-)