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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Whole meal mee hoon kueh (MHK)

Before kiddo heads back to the land of fish and chips, I made the noodles so that she can remember what home cooked goodness tastes like until the next summer. This noodle is made with 100% whole meal flour. Although it lacks the silky smooth texture plain flour offers, whole meal flour noodles is robust and holds well in soup for the slow eater.

Admittedly, I cheated a little with store bought fried shallots but there’s nothing to prevent anyone from making it from scratch. I microwaved the ikan bilis crisps to save myself from the headache of ‘what to do with the oil huh?’ problem.

Sayur manis vegetable goes well with whole meal MHK but if you wish to let the robust noodles stand out, any tender leaves will do pretty well too.

For 2, as mains

Credits : Adapted from  Zoe’s blog

Ingredients :

Dough -
250g whole meal flour
100ml water
1 Tbsp oil
pinch of fine salt
1 large egg

Misc –
1 fistful of ikan bilis, washed
1 handful of dried prawns
6 cups of water
2 shitake mushrooms, hydrated and thinly sliced
200g of minced pork, seasoned with pinch of salt, pepper and 1 Tbsp of corn starch
1 Tbsp of wolfberries
1 egg
2 cups of vegetables


To make the dough, combine water, oil, salt and egg.
Add flour and knead until dough is pliable.
Rest the dough in an oiled bowl, covered, for at least 1 hour or overnight in the fridge. I tried both timings and it was wonderful.

To make the noodles, transfer the rested dough to a lightly floured work top.
Flour a rolling pin.
Roll out the dough to desired thickness.
Cut out strips using a pizza cutter.
Dust with flour.
Transfer to a floured plate using a pastry scrapper.

To make soup, fry dried prawns in a tiny amount of oil until fragrant.
Add water and mushrooms.
When water is about to boil, add spoonfuls of seasoned minced pork. Boil until pork is cooked.
Add wolfberries.
Add egg and drag it along the broth with a chopstick like making egg drop soup.
Add vegetables.
Add cut out dough strips.
Bring soup to a boil.
When noodles are al dente, remove from heat.
Serve immediately.
Garnish the dish with shallots and every of your favorite condiments.


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