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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Hae Bee not Hiam


I recently bought a tub of Hae Bee Hiam (Prawn Sambal) from a blogger and it left me wanting for more, in part because it was too ‘sweet’ for my liking. So, it is back to the kitchen to sort things out.

This recipe is easy to follow since it takes the mortar out of the equation. I went easy on the chilli padi (I omitted it and substituted with an extra handful of dried seedy red chilli) but the concoction  still was too spicy for my liking until I added the enormous amount of shredded dried prawns. In the end, there was too much prawns for that amount of chilli which I like! Other than hubby who decided it was anything but ‘Hiam’ (aka spicy), I decided it is good enough to go with nothing but a bowl of rice or plain bread.

I would repeat this again if I get to finish the huge tub of HBH.

Adapted from MeatMen

250g Dried shrimps, blanched with boiling water and drained.

20 or so shallots, blanched in hot water and peeled
4 cloves of garlic, blanched in hot water and peeled
A handful of candlenuts
1 Tbsp of belachan, crushed
1 cup of dried red chilli, blanched and drained
4 stems of tender lemon grass, finely sliced

1 Tbsp brown sugar
4 lime leaves, stripped of midrib, finely chopped

In a food processor, minced the shrimps until it appear uniformly shredded.
Dry fry (without oil) the shrimps until dry and appear loose.

Put the contents of (B) in the processor.
Minced until it appears homogenous.
Fry, with reasonable amount of oil, on medium heat until mixture turns fragrant.

Add ( C ) and stir fry.
Add shrimps and fry until well mixed and fragrant.

Cool well before storing.
Great on plain rice and bread.


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  1. hah..hah... My partner would agree to a not hiam version.