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Monday, July 19, 2021

Kolak (Pisang)


Kolak (Pisang)

My father’s helper is a multi-talented girl. Not only is she a capable nursing aid, she is also an enthusiastic cook.

Today, she served me a bowl of Indonesian dessert called Kolak. It’s a sweet potato and banana soup dessert but with a slight twist. The overtones of the syrupy soup has a hint of salt and ginger, which gives it a very complex taste that I like.

The original dessert uses coconut milk, but since it is not available, she used milk instead. 

Here’s Trisna’s recipe, all portions adjusted to personal taste :


Sweet potato, cut to small wedges

Some fresh ginger bits

Bananas, just ripe, cut to thumb size

Milk (Coconut milk)

Sugar, salt


Combine sweet potato and ginger. Cook in water, sugar.

When the sweet potato is cooked, add banana, milk and salt to taste.

Turn off the heat.

Yummy, hot or cold.

Credit: Eka Trisna

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