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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Korean Ginseng Chicken

I have never been to Korea . But when I heard that Dae Jang Geum has finally married and left for the US, for the land of hamburgers and pasta ,I know the days of fancy imperial Korean food will only be a distant memory. I have never tried this dish but I suspect I am low on the sodium aspect for this dish. Anyway, here goes :

Portion is good for 3 adults.

Chicken and stuffing :
1 kampong chicken, scalded and drained.
3/4 cup glutinous rice, soaked overnight
5 red dates
5 chestnuts, presoaked overnight
5 cloves of garlic

Stock :
Red dates
1 handful of ginseng root, washed and bagged
5 red dates
5 chestnuts, presoaked overnight

Method :
Heat a pressure pot with water, just enough to cover the chicken, and ingredients for stock.
Stuff the chicken with rice, red dates, chestnuts and garlic.
Lower into the hot water and cover the pressure pot
Pressure cook for half an hour.

Garnish chicken with parsley and spring onions. Serve with your favourite veggies scalded with the ginseng chicken soup. Sprinkle some himalayan salt on veggies and chicken just before serving.

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