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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday sleep-in beef noodles

Finally after weeks of rushing off on Saturday mornings for all kinds of activities, this is one Saturday I am ready to embrace.  The 3 of us are so determined to sleep in until our bodies are fully charged and aching to get out of our nests.

However the issue of lunch on such a lazy day is a perennial problem.  The last thing I would want us to do is to bump out of the non-momentum and drive out for brunch. After all, there's the thick wad of Saturday papers to savor over coffee and work off the ennui.

So here I set the slow cooker to work, not overnight of course! While coffee is brewing, I throw in some scalded short ribs into a slow cooker of boiling hot water, add cinnamon bark and add 2 cubes of Lam Yee ( red fermented soy block ). A pressure pot would work fine but I hate its hissing. So here the slow cooker goes turbo on High mode. What an oxy-moron!

1.5 hours later when our tummies decry the lack of sustenance from coffee and the odd crusty toast earlier, cook Korean noodles and at the last minute before draining, blanch some vegetables in the same pot of boiling water. Drain. Set out 3 portions ( in our case ) and ladle hot beef soup over. Garnish with crispy onions / shredded carrots and whatever you may enjoy.

I can't feel more clever without doing so little.

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