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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Italian food at Fifteen London

Fifteen London

After watching countless cook shows by Jamie Oliver, I thought I would try the real Mccoy and also do my bit for his social enterprise for at risk kids in London.  Without a doubt, Fifteen London was the to-go place for checking out JM's creation and experience the work of his apprentices.

The restaurant was located at Westland Place, off Old Street Station. It was quite a walk and not exactly easy to locate had it not been for the directions from , a portal for reservations of restaurants in London. Although the table reservation was made weeks before the actual lunch , I was pleasantly surprised  when Fifteen London called me to remind me of the lunch reservation just before we departed for London.

It was meant to be a modest lunch on a Sunday, after our church service at the Crown Court church of Scotland, an extended Presbyterian  family in Covent Gardens. Perhaps it had to do with the uber friendly service of the waiter or the enthusiasm of the fresh faced waitress , because we enthusiastically made  many orders .
We started off wth antipasti, a smorgasbord of appetisers . There was the obligatory cured meats and prosciutto, fresh mozzarella cheese that melt in the mouth and  kale in olive oil. My verdict : every morsel taste of fresh produce and were handled with a light touch of seasoning.

Ragu and pasta

Spinach gnocchi
Hubby ordered lamb ragu with pasta, a generous portion even by his standard. Girl2 had spinach gnocchi , of which the soft goat cheese  accenting the vegetarian dish delighted her the most. I personally thought a touch of crème fraise in the spinach sauce would make the dish perfect. I had fresh filled pasta, a beautiful plate of pork filled  packets with deep fried sage leaves. It would have loved it better  if they had doubled the portion of this dish.
Filled pasta
By the end of the main course, we were full and could not handle more food. Apart from the long wait for the main course, service in the fully packed restaurant was efficient and prompt. It was not a place for those in a hurry but for us, the additional wait was a time to recap the blessings of our first Sunday in London.

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