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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Making rye sour from white sour

Rye sour converted from white sour, after 18 hours

In the process of refreshing   my white sour starter, I pinched off some of it  and converted it to rye sour starter for baking a loaf of multigrain rye bread.

Note that ratio of rye flour and water for making rye sour  is different from that of a white sour.  I left it overnight while the rye sour ferment and grew and was surprised to find that even with a low gluten component, gluten strand formation was pretty significant and the sour actually sort of fluffed up like the usual white sour.

Ingredients :

35g white sour
100g rye flour
100g tepid water
1g sea salt

Bring white sour ( starter ) to room temperature, overnight.
Break up white sour in 100g of water.
Add rye flour and salt. Stir with a fork.
Let the sour feed on the rye overnight, about 18 hours.
The  fed rye sour may not grow as much as white sour but it was expected.
Use this for rye sour for multigrain bread.

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