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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cranberry cream cheese flat bun

I have lost count of how many of these I ate. Luckily, it was not more than 12.
This bun deserves an accolade for being one of my most pillowy and moist bun. By a stroke of 'genius', I miscalculated the amount of water roux needed and ended up with a very hydrated dough. As a result, it needed a very light touch when forming the bun. I formed a cage with my fingers and rolled the cut out dough within the finger cage on a lightly floured worktop.  To transfer, use a pastry cutter to avoid squishing the very soft dough.

The other two intrepid testers concluded that it is indeed eye-rolling delicious. The bun was almost a hefty 100g, making it a good option for breakfast.

You know how things are with cheese. Chill the buns when they completely cool in an airtight container. To reheat, wrap in foil and heat it under the grill for 10 minutes or more and then be totally amazed by how moist it still can be.

Each of these is a substantial breakfast
Makes a dozen buns.

Ingredients :

Water roux :
30g bread flour
150g tepid water

Bread dough dry ingredients:
300g bread flour
100g plain flour
80g sugar
20g milk powder
1 tbsp instant yeast / 10g
1/4  tsp fine salt

Bread dough wet ingredients:
1 egg, about 40g ( whole weight )
50g dried cranberries, soaked in boiling water for 10 minutes and then drained
150 g cold water ( I recommend 130 - 140 ml for ease of handling. 150g yields wet dough but very soft buns )
60g cold butter, cubed

Filling :
260g cream cheese, room temperature
60g icing sugar

Method :
Prepare water roux. Mix bread flour and water. Cook until it reaches 65C, stirring continuously. The roux should congeal and form lines with the whisk. Cool, covered.

Prepare the dough. Combine all the dry dough ingredients in the mixing receptacle.

Add the following ingredients in this order : water roux, egg, cranberries.

Knead the dough in the bread machine or KA. Gradually add cold water while kneading. Depending on the humidity, you may not need all of the 150g of cold water. Dough is ready for the next stage when it pulls from the sides of the bowl.

Lastly, add butter cubes while the machine is kneading until the dough is glossy and smooth.

Let the dough ferment, 60 - 90 minutes or until doubled in bulk.

Meanwhile, whisk cream cheese and sugar. Make 12 portions, about 27g each.  Set aside and chill if not using immediately.

Transfer the dough to a floured worktop. Fold the dough to thirds. Weigh and divide the dough to 12 portions, about 79g each.

Rest the individual portions for 10 minutes.

Make the buns. Spoon about 27g of cheese filling to flatten dough. Wrap the cream cheese filling with the buns by gathering the edges and pinch the dough to seal. Dust both sides of the bun with just enough flour to coat. Proof the buns on an oiled or lined tray. Leave enough space between the buns to expand.

To make the flat top, lay an oiled parchment over the buns. Weigh the parchment down with another baking tray.

Let the buns ferment for another 15 minutes.

Bake in a preheated oven at 210C for 12 minutes.

To store, chill covered. Best eaten warm. To reheat, foil the bun and bake under a grill for about 10 minutes.

Best eaten within 3 days.


  1. So is the 150g tepid water in your recipe the "miscalculated" value? Should I follow this?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I have made an ammended recommendation of reducing the amount of water ( under dough wet ingredients ) from 150g to 130g-140g. Keep the ratio of tepid water and flour for roux unchanged ( to stick to 5:1 ratio ). But if you are comfortable with bread making, 150g gives you a very moist soft bread.

      My apologies for not making myself clear earlier.

  2. 1. Can i substitute the milk powder with plain flour?
    2. After making the water roux, must chill in fridge overnight before using?
    3. How do i "fold the dough to thirds"?
    thks alot for your clarifications :)

  3. I am very tempted to try this recipe!

    1. Phong Hong,
      Do try it and let me know if you like it as much as I do.

  4. Hi Anonymous,
    1. The milk powder gives a rich taste to the bun. If omitting, substitute with 10g of plain flour.
    2. I used it instantly after cooling and did not chill overnight.
    3. Imagine the dough that you have poured out from the bread machine is now flattened. Imagine it divided into 3 vertical zones. Fold the 2 outer zones toward the center, like folding a letter.
    Thank you for your questions. The fault's mine because I was not explicit enough.
    Good luck to your bun making :-)