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Monday, July 29, 2013

Two colored almond agar agar

At the present time when change is the only constant , happy are predictable events because they provide certainty in life as a whole.  Longan tofu is one of those things.  When served at weddings, it is an indication that the long night has finally come to an end. I used to dislike the taste of anything that is almond flavored but decades on, it is the taste of nostalgia, clan gatherings and hide and seek in the wedding hall.

Inspired by rumblingtummy

Ingredients :

12g agar strips
900ml hot water
85g fine sugar
100ml evaporated milk
2 drops of almond essence
1 drop of food dye

1 can of longans

Method :

In a pot, soak the agar strips in the hot water for about 15 minutes.

Add  sugar and bring the contents to a gentle boil until all the agar strips have dissolved.

Add the milk and almond essence . Do not allow the contents to boil. Turn off the heat.

In a measuring container, add a drop  of food dye ( I used green ). Measure off 300ml hot almond agar into the container with dye.

Transfer the coloured agar to the mould. Rapid cool the coloured layer in front of a fan. While the bottom layer is cooling, keep the rest of the agar warm in the pot to prevent it from forming a skin.

When the bottom layer of the agar has turn semi solid, gently top up the rest of the agar from the pot over the coloured layer.

Cool well and chill before serving with longans.


  1. This is a lovely dessert! The two toned agar-agar look very pretty.

  2. This is good for this hot hot weather. i like this.