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Sunday, September 14, 2014

From mooncake to bao

bao : / bao1 /
Verb : To wrap
Noun : an edible type of bun.   

This is a journey of a bag of Hong Kong flour that wanted to be a very famous mooncake. It wanted to be the ‘atas’ type of moon cake that contains fancy lotus paste with macadamia nuts bearing lots of Chinese tattoos on its body. When it realised that the baker’s family did not like mooncakes very much, it decided change is inevitable in this fast changing world.

So the Hong Kong flour decided to break out of its mould and find a new lease of life. 

It went back to its roots to live out its original purpose. That is, to be the best bao it can ever be. It was a good career move, because the career of a mooncake does not last as long as that of a bao.

Al-dough the lotus paste went through a period of identity crisis ( after almost being part of a mooncake and now being part  of a bao ), it followed the wishes of its companion and continued to do what it is best at doing, it is to be part of a lotus paste bao. 

The end.

 Makes 12 baos. Credits : Happyhomebaking

(makes 12) 
300g Hong Kong pau flour
3g baking powder
3g instant yeast
30g caster sugar
160ml water
15g vegetable oil

240g red lotus paste, portioned out as 12 x 20g balls. I used PH brand.

Method :
Combine flour, baking powder, yeast and sugar. Mix.
Add water. Knead, 5 minutes.
Add oil, knead 10 minutes until it achieves gluten formation.
Rest 15 minutes.

Make 12 portions of dough balls.
Flatten dough, wrap with prepared lotus filling, seal edges.
Rest the bao on flattened out cupcake liner, seam side down, 10 minutes.

Evenly space the baos ( 1 inch apart ) and steam on high heat, 12 minutes.  For best effect, line the steamer cover with a cloth so that condensate does not ruin the bao.

Verdict : Oh, so soft and good! I wished I had made more. 


  1. Ah, I love your write up for this post! Very witty :D I would vote for bao too. Not much of a mooncake fan :)

    1. hehee, had a serious bout of writer's block so I came up with this nonsensical thing.

  2. Hi, did you use Hong Kong flour or bao flour?

    1. Hi ! They are basically similar, Bleached and medium to low gluten. I would use interchangeably.

  3. Love your writing, it's a joy reading your post :)