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Monday, February 2, 2015

Springy handmade noodles

In the land of milk and honey, the amount of ingredients far exceed the noodles!

Just had the sudden urge to eat some home cooked noodles and this is what turned out one odd hour later.

There is a wholesome feeling welling out of me as I made this. No preservative, from pantry to pasta maker to table. Life can’t get better than this!

For 3.

½ cup water + 1 Tbsp alkaline water + pinch of salt flakes
1 cup plain flour
3 cups potato starch for dusting

Method :

Raw dough -
Put the plain flour in a mixing bowl.
Pour the hot liquid to the contents, stirring with a pair of chopsticks.
The noodle take on a yellow hue due to the alkaline water so do not panic.
When the dough pulls together, knead until it is smooth and elastic.
Cover and let it rest, 1 hour at least.

Making the noodles -
Divide the dough to 3 portions.
Dust with flour and put it through the pasta rollers to desired size.
Dust generously in flour bath and set aside, chilled, until ready to cook.

Cooking -
Cook the noodles in a pot of boiling water until the noodles floats about.
Drain and transfer to a bowl with ready to eat broth. Alternatively, use a noodle basket to fish the noodles out of the hot water bath.

Bon apetit!


  1. You are amazing making your own noodles! I see that you are very generous with your ingredients, just the way I like it :)