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Monday, December 7, 2015

Cooking rice with the electric bento

Rice for 2

Excuse the wrinkles, but what I am emphasizing is the small footprint
I knew about this gadget when my daughter’s classmates brought this to college. The boys probably couldn’t do without rice and endless days of sandwich must be a dread to them.

The rice cooker can be annoying with its many parts that needed washing. I switched to cooking rice using the microwave, stove and then the steamer, but this is by far the most unfussy way of cooking rice for one. All in a container that is the size of my palm!

I think H will not mind cooking and eating out of the same container. It may seem late but I guess it will be in her next shipment to college up north.

Boiled rice ( for 2 )

Ingredients :
1 cup rice
1.5 cup water
70 ml for e-bento

Method :
Pour 70ml of water into the base of the e-bento.
Put the washed rice and 1.5 cup of water into the e-bento container. 
Add whatever you fancy - meat, veg etc
Turn on the power. The rice is ready when the e-bento switches off automatically.

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  1. That's really convenient and practical for cooking small portions of rice.