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Friday, April 17, 2020

KL Hokkien Noodles

This dish brings me back to our first visit to KL while our girl had her first overseas school trip. All I remember was the horror of seeing some soupy and black noodles in KL’s Chinatown. 

The dish has an umami flavor that is derived from the flat fish. The closest substitute is probably bonito powder.

Add a little more water if soupy is your thing but as for me, a moist and not too watery noodle dish coated with flat fish bits and black sauce is enough to make me one happy person.

Serves two.


Main ingredients:
1 cup pork belly chips
1 cup prawn, shelled and deveined
2 cups fresh flat yellow noodles
1 cup snap peas

Flavouring and sauce:
3 Tbsp thick caramel soy sauce
150ml water
2 flat dehydrated sole fillet or flat fish, fried and pound into smithereens

Heat up a frying pan.
Saute shallots until brown. Reserve.
Saute pork belly chips until both sides are seared.
Drain lard if there is too much of it .
Add prawn, yellow noodles, peas.
Add shallots.
Toss to mix.
When prawns are almost done, add soy sauce and water.
Toss to coat.
Add flat fish bits.
Toss again.

Serve immediately.

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