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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Instant Rye Baguette from Redman


I chanced upon this pack of ready to bake rye baguette mix while snooping around Phoon Huat. I may have a bag of the real McCoy in my fridge, but this is too good to miss for a lazy person like me. What is so difficult about adding 5g of instant yeast and 320ml of water anyway?

I did this baguette on pizza baking day, to optimise the use of the oven. Just follow the instructions to the last letter and in under 2 hours, you will have a great smelling baguette.

Oops about the shaping. I have never been a great sculpture but hopefully with more practice, the baguette will look more legit in future.

Credits: Redman Instant Baguette, purchased at Phoon Huat.

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