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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Curry Chicken

What will I do if there's no Brahim curry paste? For a non curry person such as I, the DIY spices is a touch and go affair .
The kindly lady at the spice stall does not have a fixed ration for her wet spices which makes every curry meal a culinary adventure.
Curry powders of various colors are too much to keep in my store and this paste is the most idiot proof for me.
If you think the recipe is way too short, that's because it is !

For 3 :
Ingredients :
1 pkt Brahim's meat curry paste
1/2 chicken, cut and skinned
1 T coconut milk ( optional )

Mix Brahim's meat curry paste with a cup of water and heat until it boils.
Plonk in the chicken and cook until it is tender.
Add coconut milk for the extra kick if desired.

Great with rice or naan.

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