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Saturday, August 8, 2009

No slime okra ( ladies fingers )

Okra was never my favorite except for vegetable printing art classes .
It's a nightmare to eat especially with its oozy slime. Okra dishes never looked so sexy until I had it at Little India's vegetarian restaurant.
The secret is to avoid handling the cut vegetable with water , if possible.
Better still, deep fry whole with batter and it becomes a fancy side dish.
The best dishes are made with short, young, dark green tender okras.

For 3 :
2 C okra, washed and dried. 1 onion
Garam masala
1 T oil

Method :
Cut okra to break up the fiber.
Heat oil and gently fry onion until it is about to caramelize.
Add your favourite spices, taking care not to burn it.
Add cut okra and toss.
Count to 30 and it's ready to be served !

Tip :
Instead of garam masala, use powdered prawn mix ( belachan ) for a touch of Malaysia.

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