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Monday, February 22, 2010

Fish ball noodle ( dry version )

Yesterday's Lor mee was a resounding success , judging from the lip smacking enthusiasm displayed by the kind folks at home. To avoid a rerun of menu but still consume the remaining packet of yellow noodles and bean sprouts, I decided to make a simple meal of fish ball noodles. Boy! Was I very wrong about the simple part. I had no idea there was so much cookware to wash for a little bowl of one-dish meal!

Still, I love it, especially the tangy vinegar-ketchup sauce. It was worth the effort , especially after hubby washed the kitchen that had ended up looking like a battle field . He is a sanity saver.

In the following, I have revamped the work process a little so as to minimize the 'washables'.

For 3.

Ingredients :
1 packet of fish ball, washed and drained
Fried flatfish or wanton , bite size. Anything goes for this family.
Soaked shitake mushroom, sliced and drained

Mixture the following to form the sauce for tossing :
3 T black malt vinegar
3 T ketchup
3 T black soy sauce
3 T onion oil
( I always say sauces must be used in moderation but when it comes to vinegar I cheat a little. It was more than 5 Tsp but I get high with vinegar, what to do ? )

3 C bean sprouts and 3 cups yellow noodles

Prepare crispy flat fish and wanton. Leave to cool on kitchen paper.

Fry garlic , add mushroom ( and minced pork if so wish ) in this order. Set aside. 

Bring 3 bowls of water to a boil, cook fish balls until they float. Turn off the heat and reserve.

In another bigger pot, boil enough water to scald the noodles and bean sprouts. Take care not to overcook the bean sprouts, which continues to cook even when removed from the heat. Drain noodle/sprouts when bean sprouts no longer taste beany ( yes, I eat lots of sprouts in the process)

Portion sauce to 3 bowls, add noodles,toss thoroughly. Add a little fish ball soup if the sauce looks too thick.

Garnish with all the crispy bits and most importantly, fish ball.


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