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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Homemade vanilla essence

It was some impulse shopping at Changi Airport's Duty Free shop eons ago and since then, the vodka has earned a place in the display cupboard. Why I bought it, I have no idea. Perhaps it was just to take advantage of the duty free privilege.

Hubby tries to consume by mixing with 7-up but then, but vodka isn't his thing. So when I chance upon real vanilla pods at Phoon Huat, I gladly bought the precious Indonesian pods and did everything vanilla, including making real vanilla essence.

Here's the super simple recipe :

Place 1 vanilla pod, cut half lengthwise in 200ml of vodka. Label date of make. Leave in the fridge of 6 months before use.

Ever so impatient, I used it on the 3rd month. It definitely didn't disappoint!

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