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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nian gao sweet potato sandwich

The language of food breaks all barrier. Between my new neighbour and I, we overcome our shyness with an exchange of tau sar piah here and  nian gao sandwich. So it is with no  surprise to conclude that  food is the best ice breaker and unifier of strangers.

They must have heard my regrets of forgetting to include nian gao in my chinese new year fare and in timely fashion, cured my deprivation with this wonderful tea break. Another friendship solidly sealed!

Ingredients :

Thinly sliced nian gao or chinese new year sticky cake
Sweet potato thinly sliced.

Batter :
1 part rice flour, 2 part plain flour
2 eggs

Method :

Use enough water to make a batter with the egg and flour. Set aside.

Prepare nian gao, sweet potato. Sandwich nian gao between the sweet potato slices. Dip in batter.
Deep fry at medium heat until golden brown.
Use a toothpick to test that the sweet potato is thoroughly cooked as well.

Serve hot with a cup of tea.

1 comment:

  1. I wish I could get some sweet potatoes here.....these rice cake sandwiches look simply gorgeous.
    p.s. you have asked me about the temperature of tea drink which I used to make the tea rolls. Use it soon after you make the has to be HOT!