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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hodge podge oat porridge

This dish is really not meant for anyone's eyes. In fact, it should not even deserve a square inch in this food blog. After all, a hodge podge of leftovers in an oat porridge is not a cause for attention.

But how can a bit of everything taste so good , at least to me? There in the fridge are : half a handful of nearly petrified ikan bilis and dough fritters from yesteryear's porridge meal, some leek greens that is a no-no in our home ( even the whites of the leek is greeted with disdain in an experimental leek-prawn kebab that night ).

To say it’s a dish of innovation is really stretching the truth too far. Anyway, by a stroke of genius, I plonked the above into a boiling pot of hot water and added 30g of oats. In a split second, my lunch is ready!

After the first mouthful, I realized I have to take a picture of this strange lunch. The savory fishy critters coupled with the crunch of green leeks and scalded instant oats lit a light bulb in my head - WooW ! Limp dough fritters in oat porridge is on the other hand, an acquired taste!

So here it is, this strange lunch meal. The usual photographer was at work, so I grabbed the bigger of the DSLRs in the dry box but still couldn't capture the "Ding" in my head. Even so, it is one of my most interesting OEM lunch.

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