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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The secret baker behind 11-04

Behind the door of 11-04, there lives a secret weekend cook. On weekdays, she goes to work like everyone else and tends to her folks especially her 2 lovely daughters.

Come Saturday, a transformation takes place and out of her kitchen all kinds of puffs and desserts find their way to the hearts of her family and mine.

This is one baker to be taken seriously , working incognito and producing nibbles surpassing commercial standards, to our great delight.

Equally delightful are the 2 cute little girls, who present their mother's masterpieces to their one and only neighbor, like a tribute to friendship.

Here are some of the fine foods , fresh from the oven of 11-04. Needless to say, the delectable puffs were polished off the plates even before they have the chance to cool down. Now, ma'am, can I have more ?


  1. I'll get it from my friendly neighbor as soon as I catch her. Thank you for dropping by.

  2. Those puffs sure look good! *drool*