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Friday, September 10, 2010

Moon cake from the secret baker

What can I say? The secret baker next door did it again! That's a hat trick for her, pulling goodies one after another with narry an effort. All the more impressive when she has a full time job, that lady! I simply can't keep up with her productivity.

Me guess, maybe there are little elves working overnight at her kitchen churning out surprise after surprise.

Now back to what awed me. But be forewarned. The following may cause salivating and spontaneous craving.

This little nugget is heavy laden with all the stuff cheese loving foodies like me love. Definitely an ultimate fusion, with a mean thin cheese crust encrusted with micron thin almond slivers crowning the buttery flaky moon cake pastry.

And when I thought the excitement is merely skin deep, there appears before me a sunny salted egg yolk, sitting regally in the middle of the jade green lotus paste.

To the untrained eye, one is bound to miss the surprise melon seeds interspersed thoroughly in the lotus paste. The senses go into overdrive as I experienced the crunchy seeds accenting the powdery yolk and creamy paste . This little experience after working from the outside layers of crispy cheese crown and flaky pastry skin left me powerless to pinpoint which sensation I love best.

It really overwhelmed and sent me over the moon, literally. If there is one item I have to bring as a tribute to a suzerain, this is it!

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