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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chestnuts braised with chicken wings in soy sauce

Chestnut is associated with winter for those living in temperate places. In Singapore, I  associate chestnut with MRT stations. Strange, isn't it ? Food at MRT premises is not allowed until recently but the chestnut man somehow has managed to circumvent rules by running his business from a stove-cum-cauldron-scooter all this while.

If you have no idea where the link way between the Bukit Batok MRT and Bus interchange is, just follow the aroma of roasting chestnut.

To celebrate chestnut and entrepreneurship, I have whipped up a chestnut and chicken dish.  So, let's go !

For 3 :
3 cups of chestnut, shelled.
6 chicken mid wings
1 finger of ginger, smashed with the back of a cleaver
1/2  cup black soy sauce
1 cup of water
Sesame oil, cooking wine

Method :
This is the pesky part but essential. Remove skin of chestnut. This is best done by toasting and rubbing with a clean cloth. Freeze remainder chestnut to prevent oxidization. It's freezer to stove if you wish to cook them.

Alternatively, buy prepared chestnut that is vacuum packed and hope no one knows the difference.

Fry ginger in a pot of oil until fragrant.
Add chicken. Sear skin.
Add chestnut.Toss.
Add a dash of sesame oil and wine
Braise, covered, in premium black soy sauce and water until meat and chestnut is soft in about 30 minutes.


  1. I love these chestnuts! Never fail to buy a packet whenever I chance upon them.

  2. I love how Mr Giraffe appears from time to time :)
    Is he your mascot?

  3. Mr. G is a birthday present given to me by my husband. He is one rather expressive giraffe, even though he has 'beady eyes' :-)

    Initially meant for laughs, he has also traveled with me in Europe and occasionally makes guest appearances in my food and travel photos as well.