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Friday, October 15, 2010

Civil Defence and Sardines Fried Rice

A meal on civil defence day
Many years ago, the civil defence corp organized a cooking competition for the most nutritious food one can have in the times of trouble. It was a young boy who won the day. His rendition ? Sardines fried rice. Which makes sense, as cabbage, sardines, rice and its condiments are things every household can keep for a while , holing up in their safe haven.

In this present time of plenty, one would still have to hone the skills to whip up a mean sardines fried rice. As the CD says, Always be Prepared.

So, like a good citizen, I follow this mandate to the dot. No eggs here. Nope, it's not the cholesterol I'm watching. Where does one get eggs during the war, in the urban city that we are in anyway. Mine's the bare minimum, but delicious enough to want to eat it. Best of all, it takes all of 5 minutes to cook.

Hubby abhors sardine fried rice, a malady from his sardines-eating-army-days. Oh well. He can snack on Khong Guan biscuits in times of war. Those keep for ages too!

For 2.

Ingredients :
2 cups cooked overnight rice, fluffed
1 tin sardines
1/2 cup prefried shallots
2 cups of chopped cabbage, big chunks
2 tomatoes, deseeded, cubed
Ingredients : Sardines,cabbage,tomato,shallots,cooked rice

Condiments :
Black sauce, white pepper, sesame oil, salt

Method :
Fried shallots until crispy.
Add cabbage, tomatoes. Toss.
When cabbage turns bright green, add sardines.  Toss.
Add rice.
Add condiments, tweaking proportions according to family's preference. Mine like it charcoal black, so use the best black soy  sauce you have.
Toss well, unless you wish a ying-yang fried rice.

Serve hot with pickles and sambal chilli.

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