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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sweet Potato Frittata

I have never like Gordon Ramsay's reality cook show especially the ones with that foul language. However, I have to admit that  for an intermediate cook, his instructions are concise and easy to follow. Like many good cooks, he can assemble a couple of common ingredients, jazz them up and transform them to a pretty dish.

This dish is inspired by one of his recipes in  his book " Healthy Appetite ".  It is economical on small talk and detailed instructions. But to someone who does not have the knack to follow convoluted instructions, that's the book for me.

Back to the dish : it has all the components for nourishment from a single meal. The salsa offers a refreshing kick to the palate ( that onion is a must but cut back  if it is not your favorite bulb ) and the potato is a huge deviation from the usual sugary pandan soup version. Next time, I will add mushroom and maybe  cauliflower for extra dimension.

A simple meal for 3 :

Tomato salsa :
1 box cherry tomatoes, halved.
1 small onion, cubed.
1 handful of basil, chopped.
A dash of olive oil, cider, himalayan salt, brown sugar.

Toss everything mentioned above and chill until the frittata is ready.

Frittata :

3 small sweet potatoes. 2 purple,  1 orange potato cut into tiny cubes.
3 eggs

Heat non stick pan with olive oil.  Sauté potato cubes until slightly brown and firm to the bite.
Beat egg, season with salt, pepper.
Pour over potatoes.
Cook over medium heat until egg is set.

Serve with salsa over frittata.

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