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Monday, November 1, 2010

Sun-dried tomato bread

Petrol station is to petrol as bakery is to baked food. Only dire circumstances will make me consider getting store-bought bread from the petrol station. But as  the petrol station is the only amenity within decent walking distance from home, I am always in dire circumstances ! To add to the agony, I have a high reluctance to store-bought bread ever since mastering  the skill of baking tasty bread consistently.  

Since I have 4 odd hours to spare before lunch, there is enough time to make a sundried tomato bread to feed my bread-loving daughter when school's out. 

With the mighty bread machine, I am halfway to  domestic goddess status. With 1.5 hours for rising, 1 hour for proofing and 1 hour for baking , I even have time to hit the condo gym while waiting for the bread to be ready.

Here goes :

Water roux :
15 g bread flour
75 g plain water

Whisk both roux component over medium-low heat until mixture reaches 65 C. at this stage,  whisk makes streaks on the semi cooked mixture which looks like a watery translucent paste. Remove pot from heat. Cool.

200g bread flour
50g wholemeal wheat ( atta ) flour
1 Tsp  milk powder
80g Tang Zhong / water roux
105ml warm water
4g salt
25g sugar
5g dry yeast
25g olive oil
3 sun-dried tomato, diced

Add everything mentioned above in the bread machine retainer. Set to 'dough' cycle.
Retrieve dough one and a half hour later.
Remove bread stirrer, punch dough and return it to machine.
Let rise for one hour or until dough doubles in size.
Start bread machine on 'bake' mode.
Bread is ready in one hour.
Remove baked bread, cool completely before cutting or storing.

Taste great when decked with fresh tomato, smoked ham ( or duck breast ) and a thick wad of cheddar cheese.

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