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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fish head soup in chrysanthemum tea

This dish was meant as an experiment and so I was so surprised at the outcome. Everyone at the table could not have enough of it. The soup was robust, complex and downright tasty. Could it have been the chrysanthemum tea that was actually the soup base?

The original intent was to make a spicy Korean themed fish soup ( aren't most Korean food spicy? ). I decided to make some sort of white soup instead, since my girl cannot tolerate anything spicy.  Glad it was a stroke of genius. Cough.

I chose watercress for its crunch, color ( jade green  when freshly cooked ) and herby aroma which goes well with the fish head. An alternative will be Chinese TongHo.  Like most soups using scalded vegetables, this dish must be consumed  immediately for freshness.

Ingredients :

1 bowl of chrysanthemum tea

1 T miso

4 bean puffs, bite size

1 knob of young ginger

5 straw mushrooms, halved

Bunch of watercress, cut to bite size

1 salmon head, halved


Method :

Bring tea ( minus chrysanthemum ) to the boil.

Add miso to the water.

Add ginger, bean puffs, mushrooms. Boil.

Add watercress and salmon.

Boil until the fish is cooked.

Serve hot.


  1. Wow this is really interesting! Can you share with us how does it taste like or how different is the soup with the chrysanthemum?

  2. Shoud I do a blind test, I would not know that the main ingredient is fish head. It seems to take away the fishiness in the stock without compromising the taste of the fish meat. I am not good at describing this complex taste - you will have to try it for yourself :)