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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Silky chawanmushi ( Japanese steamed egg custard )

For a long time, silky egg custard eludes me. Without a proper formula, my custard is either too watery or too firm for custard consistency.

After suffering egg custard failures for the nth time, I stumbled upon a workable formula : 1-egg-1-cup of water rule. In scientific  speak, it would be 40g whole egg with 140 ml of water.

To create the chawanmushi magic, I use bonito flakes for the dreamy smoky flavor. Mine comes in 1 g pack form, from Daiso. Bonito is shaved tuna flakes but if it is something not in your pantry, any stock should do.

To create pock-mark free custard, steam the custard covered and it should never be near  boiling for a perfect texture. I usually elevate my cups high above the boiling water but now with an electric steamer, this is not an issue.

1 serving.

Ingredient :

1 packet of bonito shavings
1 small cup of water
1 egg
1 bite-size crab stick or chicken

Fine salt
MSG ( optional )

Method :

To make bonito soup, steep bonito shavings in 1 cup of boiling water for 10 minutes.

Strain liquid and discard the bonito. Cool bonito soup.

Add egg and lightly whisk to combine egg and soup. Add salt and MSG ( optional ) to season.

Remove bubbles if any.

Transfer custard to a steaming urn or chawanmushi cup.  Drop in meat ( optional ).

Cover with a cling wrap and steam for 10 minutes or until custard appears firm.

Itadakimasu !

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