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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Seedy whole meal bread ( bread machine )

I have got to disappoint, but there is no hanky panky going on in my kitchen.  Rather, I am in a potassium enhanced diet to boost my heart health through nuts and such.

I have discovered the marvels of a coffee grinder recently and found uses for it beyond that once a fortnight coffee beans mill. Like a gardener wielding the electric saw, I am prone to grind everything in my path to cinders in that tiny power packed container.

With it, I have milled loads of pumpkin seeds, flax and goodness knows what.  I love the smell of broken up flax which reminds me of fish and pumpkin meal reminds me of earthy mushrooms.

With the basic bread recipe as base,  omega-3 rich nuts and heart healthy olive oil is the icing on the top, or eh, inside.  I find milled seeds do not impede gluten formation as much as whole nuts, but I will leave this to the experts for scientific verification.

I did this without breaking a sweat, with my bread machine taking the mystery out of everything because I did not feel like exerting myself for a loaf of bread. All I did was pour everything into the container and wait for the bread magic to happen.

Ingredients :

Wet -
220ml water
2  T canola oil

Dry -
½ T instant yeast
3 T milk powder
3 T molasses
1/2 tsp crushed sea salt
80g whole wheat flour
300g bread flour

Seeds -
40g pumpkin seeds, lightly toasted and coarsely milled
10g ground flax seed

Combine ingredients in the bread machine , set to basic mode and wait for bread magic in 3 hours.

Alternatively, knead in the machine as  I did, knock out after the first fermentation 1.5 hrs, shape and return the dough to the machine. Ferment for another 1 hour, set to Bake function and voila! bread will be ready.

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