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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sandwich in a waffle ( ham and cheese )

More than one dish meal. It's a one waffle meal. 

I wanted to make ham sandwiches but except for the ham, there was nothing in the fridge that would make a sandwich. But because of my girl’s ingenuity, we ended up with ham and cheese waffle sandwich instead.  

With the success of this waffle sandwich, there is no stopping what else we intend to put inside the waffle next.

Recipe : Hope C

Makes 12 medium waffle sandwiches

Ingredients :

Bowl A : Mix these items -
2 cups plain flour    
½ cup of toasted soy okara ( omit if not available )
2 tsp baking powder
2 cup cheddar cheese, shredded

Bowl B : Mix these items -
2 eggs
1 ½  cup low fat milk
½  cup olive oil

Misc :
3 pieces of smoked ham, quartered

Method :
Heat up the waffle iron. Lightly oil cooking surface.
Add contents of bowl A to bowl B.
Stir to mix. Add cheese. Stir again.

Divide batter to 12 portions.
Ladle 1 portion to each side of the waffle iron. If your waffle surface is small, subdivide the portion.
Place a slice of ham on the batter.
Close the iron gently and cook according to iron instructions.

Eat waffle fresh and be relieved that for the first time, the contents of the sandwich does not slip out of the bread with each bite.


  1. Your girl is smart and can think out of the box! Hmmm...I'd love to try waffle sandwiches too :)

    1. Interestingly enough, she does not cook but can pair smells and tastes very well. Smells and tastes come to her in colors which she mixes and matches in her mind. Weird huh.

  2. The innovative baker in the making.