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Friday, September 5, 2014

Smoked smelt cocoon

The sauce was overdone but the snack was incredible with or without it.

This concoction is the fishy version of the corndog.  I did not season the potato so as to allow the deep, smoky flavor of the smelt  to take center stage . The secret to easy handling is to chill the prepared cocoon just before frying.

These cocoons are dainty and make a light, elegant meal.  Lovely with either wasabi or honey mustard.

Makes 8 cocoons.

A tin of smoked smelt marinated in oil. I got these from Hubers Dempsey.
3 potatoes ( I used 2 waxed brastagi and 1 russet )
1 cup of rice flour, 1 Tbsp of oats

method :

Drain the smelts.
Steam the potatoes and rice them with a ricer while hot.  Discard the skins.
In the cusp of the hand, sandwich 1 smelt with the potato.
Compact the potato such that the smelt is secure.
Roll the cocoon in flour mixture.
Chill for 1 hour.
Deep fry in a deep pot of very hot oil, 1 minute.
Tastes great with salad as sides.


  1. On first look, I thought this is crab! What an interesting idea.

  2. Oh, this should be a very nice snack! Agree with Edith that it does look like crab hah..hah...

  3. Edith, now that you mentioned it, it does look like crab claw.
    Phong Hong, yes, this is rather fancy ;-)