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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Candied Sweet Potato

My grandmother never touched another sweet potato since the last war. She had way too much of them while hiding from the Japanese. Even when she is very hungry, it is always anything but this.

Recently I learnt that K-pop wannabees consume only this in order to keep their weight down. They are not allowed any carbohydrates but this. Ah, what an interesting world we live in.

I rediscovered the joy of the simple sweet potato when my kid took a new interest in this root vegetable.  After sweet potato in rice porridge and sweet potato in green bean soup, I thought this is one fun way of eating it.

But this is some sweet potato the K-pop princesses will not be allowed to eat for sure.

Makes enough for 4 ( as snack )

Credits :   justonecookbook  with modifications

Ingredients :

3 medium orange potato, peeled
100 ml white sugar
100 ml canola oil
½ tsp rice vinegar
½ - 1 tsp light sauce ( I use soy sauce for soba which is light and mildly sweet. Adjust amount to preferred savouriness )

Garnish : toasted sesame seeds

Method :

1.    Roll cut or oblique cut the sweet potatoes to make thin wedges.
2.    Wash potatoes and spin dry.
3.    In an unheated pot, combine sugar, oil,vinegar,sauce.
4.    Lay out potato wedges, making sure potato are evenly laid out on the oil mixture in a single layer.
5.    Cover the pot with a folded newspaper ( leaving a little gap ) to prevent splatter as well as to manage the moisture produced.
6.    Turn on the heat and cook at medium-low heat for about 15-20 minutes , depending on the thickness and potato type, until wedges are tan and soft to the bite.
7.    In between cooking, gently stir the wedges so that they are evenly coated. Be very careful because it is very, very hot.
8.    Remove the wedges and coat them with toasted sesame seeds.

1 comment:

  1. I love sweet potatoes but I can understand your grandmother's sentiments. Sweet potatoes is a good alternative to potatoes for people on low carb diet. But of course it has to be consumed in moderation as it is also a carbohydrate, albeit one with lower GI compared to potatoes.