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Monday, October 28, 2019

Hamachi Kama

I nabbed this hamachi kama for a song at Meidi-ya after a sumptuous Japanese dinner nearby. It beckons me to grill it, which I did gladly.

The tough white skin acts as a foil, trapping the juice under the broiler. It was one of the tastiest fish I have made so far.

Serving: 2

1 big hamachi kama (yellowtail collar)
For curing : Maldon salt 4 parts : Coarse sugar 1 part

Mix salt and sugar.
Pat dry the fish. Coat the collar with the curing agent.
Chill for 1  hour.
Line and oil a baking dish.
Rinse off the curing agent. Pat dry.
Coat thinly with olive oil.
Broil under a very hot broiler, about 200C, for 45 minutes skin side up.
The fish is ready when the skin blisters.
Dip in any of your favorite sauce, but it is yummy on its own when eaten hot.

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