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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Cranberry Breadstick

I made these on-the-go bread sticks for days when pandemic measures meant no dining-in anywhere. These lovely sticks have a thin crust, are soft and mildly sweet. The original recipe has a smattering of garlic on it to go with a meal. But since I meant them for breakfast or snack, I added hubby’s favorite dried snack instead.

Makes 10 

Credits : adapted from  Olive Garden


2 tsp instant yeast + 1 ½ warm water + 2 tbsp caster sugar : combine

4 ½ cups bread flour + 1 pinch of sea salt

30g soft butter 

¼ chopped dried cranberry


Cooking cream

Fine sugar


Combine yeast, water, sugar. 

Combine flour, salt

When the yeast mix turns frothy, pour it into the center of the flour mixrture.

Start the mixer to knead.

Add butter.

Add cranberries.

Prepare a lined tray.

Remove the dough. Roll out into a rectangle.

Cut out 10 breadsticks, roll to smoothen.

Transfer the breadsticks to the prepared tray. 

Leave to rise for 1 hr.

Glaze with cream.

Sprinkle sugar.

Preheat the oven to 200 C.

Bake the risen bread sticks at 200C for 12 minutes

Cool well before keeping. Sticks are mildly sweet and go well with any thick chowder.

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