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Friday, June 12, 2009

Hakka Lei Cha

As you probably would have known, this is a hakka dish. Even though my father is Hakka, I have never eaten this in my household, probably because my mum did not have the time to cut everything into little cubes! The french beans provide a nice crunch and can get addictive, a good substitute for crispy snacks. The basil tea needs some getting use to and for me, the better way will be to use macha powder instead of pounded basil.

Ingredients :
2 C long beans, cut into 1cm long
1 C tofu, tiny cubes
1 handful ikan bilis
1 handful roasted peanuts

Add 1 teaspoon of macha powder into 1 C of hot stock , to be used as a soup for the rice.

( also, try mushroom, prawn, asparagus, carrot if luxury is your style )

Fry each ingredients separately. Mixed beans and tofu cubes together and garnish with crispy ikan bilis and peanuts if this is presented as a side dish. Otherwise, to be served as a main meal, place each ingredient separately in a bowl of rice and serve with macha or basil soup.

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