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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Matcha dousha pia ( green tea mung bean puff )

I love all things tau sar ( dousha, dau sar ). This passion is a Teochew thing, written in my DNA. The fact that I am only half Teochew didn't in any way reduce my love for tau sar ( the very noun is a Teochew translation for "sand of beans" )

Many shops at Balestier Road used to sell this tau sar pia but somehow, they have tamed down the Teochew onion tasting bean filling over the  recent years. I should know. I bought samples from each and every shop to find the "real McCoy" but to no avail. After the nth pia and at risk of diabetes, I know the following is one thing I have to do one of these days.

All thanks to Happy Flour at for helping me kick start this project. Her video makes it look very manageable. Indeed, the process was therapeutic, eased by my food processor.  Though the end product still does not taste like the pia of old , maybe not enough onion, using butter instead of shortening etc and probably due to my adaptations, I am now completely at peace with myself.

Tips :
Do not for ease of handling flour the work surface.

Order is also essential. Ensure white water dough encases the flaky matcha oil dough first.

The puff was crispiest using shortening. Butter did not achieve the desired flakiness.

Chilled tau sar filling is easier to manage and not as sticky.

Water Dough:
100g plain flour
3 Tab icing sugar
35g Crisco / shortening
40g  water

Oil Dough:
80g plain flour
35g Crisco / shortening
2 teaspoon oil
2 teaspoon of matcha powder.

Filling: ( this portion is very much more than needed. Use excess as kaya spread )
2 ( rice ) cups mung beans, soaked overnight.
1/2cup onion oil
1/3cup sugar 
1/2 tsp salt

(I prepare this filling the night before the actual project )
 Steam beans for 30mins until soft.
Blitz cooked beans in processor to form a paste.
Fry paste, sugar and oil until dry.
Leave to cool. Set aside.

Water dough:
Sift flour and icing sugar.
In the processor, blitz  butter into the flour mixture.
Add water. Blitz to form a soft dough.
Transfer to  bowl and rest for 10mins.

Oil dough:
Sift flour, matcha powder into a big bowl.
Transfer matcha flour to processor receptacle.
Use the processor and blitz in the butter.
Add  oil , blitz to form a soft dough.

Shaping of dough:

Divide water dough and oil dough into  6 portions.
Flatten water dough with your palm. Wrap the green oil dough with the water dough.
Flatten  pastry with palm. Roll the pastry into a longish rectangle, gently.
Roll in the pastry, just like Swiss roll.
Turn Swiss roll 90 degrees.
Roll again to longish rectangle.
Roll the dough into a Swiss roll.
( this is not a typo error. You do it twice )

<-green on white dough

 Bean filling on combined dough ->

Divide the rolled pastry into 2pcs.
Flatten it into a  round shape.
Put 1 tablespoon of filling  onto flattened dough and wrap into the pastry. ( I use a measuring spoon, less tacky this way )
Seal the opening. Place sealed side down on grease proof paper.
Preheat oven to 200C.
Place puffs into center of the oven. Adjust temperature to 180 C.
Bake 180 C for 25mins. Do not allow puff to brown.
Remove and cool on a wire rack.
                                       A whole lot of tau sar pia ready getting ready for the oven

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